T-Shirt Printing Types – learn the basics | https://nickpassey.com T-Shirt Printing Types – learn the basics | https://nickpassey.com

If you have made T-shirt for your band or are simply doing some preliminary research you probably are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole process. From Art to inventory T-Shirt production will initially eat up a lot of your bands budget and time but is essential.

A new or old fan, in my experience, will buy the album and then the T-Shirt to show support to your band. So keeping the different sizes in stock and the merchandise fresh is a must. Before you place an order for T-Shirts it important that you understand a basic overview of the different types of printing that are available to you. This will help you when preparing artwork and in making decisions on whether or not your are going to offer an 8 color Pooping Unicorn Design or not.

In my experience – Simple 2-3 color silkscreened in a low quantity (24-50 shirts) that you can afford are a best bet. Don’t forget to carry the ladies sizes and to keep them organized!

Check out this blog post on The Prinful on the different types of printing available: https://blog.theprintful.com/infographic-the-difference-between-dtg-screen-printing-and-sublimation-printing/

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