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Nick Passey


slc, ut



about NP

For the past seven years, Nick Passey has played guitar with and lent his vocals, wit, and charm to the legend that is Folk Hogan. As many talented musicians have before him, he is stretching out to express himself as a solo performer with a unique and strong story all his own.

Extended Bio

“Working Through Some Shit” is the result of a conversation Nick had with his therapist as he was, yes, working through some shit. She suggested that, if nothing else, he had some great material for songs. So, he went home and proceeded to write them. On this EP, he explores the absurdity of life, change, relationships, love, loss, and what it’s like being an atheist living in an ultra-Christian state. Some songs are quirkily funny, others deeply insightful; all of them are sung with the honesty of a man who lives them.

I grew up in Utah County. My family has several generations of musicians. My great-grandfather played banjo in the 1930s. My grandparents were musicians; my grandmother sang at over 2000 funerals and taught voice lessons and my grandfather played in dance bands and, later in life, took a career as a high school music teacher. There was always singing and music at family gatherings and events. My mother taught vocal lessons for over 30 years and started me singing and rehearsing shortly after I was able to speak. There are old tape cassettes kicking around of me as a 4-year old singing the best a 4-year old can that serve as my naked baby photos anytime my mother wants to embarrass me.
I started playing guitar when I was 14. I grew up singing and wanted to be able to provide my own accompaniment. I played in various bands performing at school assemblies, house parties, events, etc. I sang in the chamber choir in jr. high and played jazz guitar in the high school band. Writing my own music started with my very first band where Jordan Fairbanks from Baby Gurl was my drummer with a bass player named Ben. We learned cover songs, we wrote parody versions of other songs, and wrote originals.
Last year I had a lot of things change in my life all at once and I wanted – rather, NEEDED – to write some new songs; my cat died, my health was in the shitter, and I was going thru a breakup. As I was leaking samples of the album, people were starting to worry. I had to perform something for a work function one morning and I wasn’t feeling any of the other songs I’d written at that point, so I wrote “Just Working Through Some Shit.”
What do I hope people get out of this EP? I hope they get a few laughs and maybe a few tears. It’s overall kind of a bum-out record – which I knew in the process of recording and writing it. But sad music is VERY important to me. I listen to it because I have to, not because I want to – so I wanted to create something similar for others to enjoy – or, rather, not enjoy.