Don’t forget the Womens Shirts | Don’t forget the Womens Shirts |

Don’t forget to order shirts for the ladies! Chances are if you make music your fanbase is of both the male and female variety.

Don’t listen to the bass player

Your smelly bass player will try and tell you that women can wear men’s shirts so you can cut corners and not order them. They are wrong about this. Plus do you really want to trust the person in the band that is too lazy to play anything but the 1’s and 5’s?

All bass player jokes aside, you need to be ordering Ladies merch. Women and Men are generally shaped differently, it’s like science or something. All of this almost seems a bit too stupid to mention, but as bands we keep fucking this one up and so it has to be said.

There are countless blog posts, youtube videos, and Pinterest boards on turning band merch into the merch that could have simply been sold in the first place. Let’s save all the Tee shirt dresses, Tank Tops, and other DIY items for contests or leftover designs.

Ok, I’m convinced, what now?

Some of my favorite ladies tees are by Next Level Apparel. They include The Burnout Hoodie, The CVC V, and the Racerback Tank.

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