The New Utah Podcast Ep 237 – Robots | The New Utah Podcast Ep 237 – Robots |

Unveiling Creativity and Connection: Exploring Episode 237 of The New Utah Podcast – “CREATE THE THING. SELL THE THING.”

Hello, podcast enthusiasts and curious minds! Welcome to a journey that promises to inspire, inform, and entertain. Today, we’re diving deep into the heart of podcast gold – Episode 237 of The New Utah Podcast titled “CREATE THE THING. SELL THE THING.” This installment invites us to explore the world of creativity, innovation, and connection through the lens of a talented artist and entrepreneur, Nick Passey.

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A Familiar Face Returns

When Nick Passey joins the podcast, it’s not just another interview – it’s a reunion with family. In this episode, the virtual doors are thrown open as Nick joins the conversation via Skype. This time, the spotlight shines on his recent business endeavor, Record Spread, and the much-awaited release of his second album.

Music, Adventure, and Holiday Vibes

The episode takes an adventurous turn as the hosts share holiday lists filled with ideas to spice up the season during the unique challenges of COVID. Utah’s Adventure Family, a go-to source for all things adventurous, lays out a comprehensive list categorized by county and area. If that’s not enough, Only in your State offers up 14 classic Utah holiday experiences that are sure to warm the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

Nick Passey: A Multifaceted Creative Force

Nick Passey isn’t just a musician – he’s a creative juggernaut. Whether he’s immersed in Folk Hogan, crafting buttons, designing websites, or pouring his soul into his solo musical projects, Nick’s energy and innovation are uncontainable. The highlight of this episode? The release of his second album, “If I’m Saying It Right.” With the joy of a kid opening presents, Nick shares the excitement of receiving his freshly pressed vinyl records. A true artist in every sense, Nick is already accepting orders for these musical gems.

Introducing Record Spread

Among Nick’s many ventures, Record Spread shines brightly. It’s more than just a music discovery service – it’s a gift of connection. Nick passionately describes Record Spread as a gift subscription, either for friends or yourself. Supporting local talent and music has never been this enriching.

Following the Creative Trail

To stay connected with Nick’s ventures, a world of online exploration awaits. You can follow Record Spread on Instagram, Facebook, and their website. Folk Hogan is just a click away on Facebook, Instagram, and their website. As for Nick and the Perpetual Sadness, they’re ready to engage on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Nick: More than Music

Beyond the realm of music and entrepreneurship, Nick’s personal Instagram unveils his skills as a graphic designer and a culinary artist. His beautiful and creative vegan meals are as visually pleasing as they are delicious.

Stay Tuned and Stay Engaged

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Episode 237 of The New Utah Podcast is more than a listening experience – it’s a journey of connection and creativity. Nick Passey’s presence lights up the airwaves as he shares his music, ventures, and ideas. From Record Spread to culinary delights, this episode is a testament to the beauty of human connection and the myriad ways in which creativity can flourish. So, dear listeners, don’t miss out on this audio adventure – tune in, explore, and let the waves of inspiration wash over you.