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Piper Down Pub

The Piper Down Pub project was extremely fun to work on. Because I’ve been both a customer and a performer on their stage I welcomed this project with open arms. Piper Down pub is a place where you can enjoy a true Olde World Pub experience. The Service is important to the staff as it is to their customers. There is a sense of visiting a friend’s home when you step into Piper Down. Enjoy the smoothest, freshest pint Salt Lake City has to offer, or sip one of the countless fine Irish Whiskeys.

Project Highlights

  • Full Site Redesign
  • Layout Focused on Mobile users
  • Drink and Food Menu
  • eCommerce Store
  • Countdown to St. Patty’s Day Timer
  • Removed unsightly parking signs from main image

You can view the live site here: https://piperdownpub.com

Piper Down Pub Web Site
Piper Down Pub Food Menu
Piper Down Events Page