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Design Tek Brochure

Design Tek Plastics is located in Ogden Utah. They have been primarily a web client for me but needed a brochure for a trade show on a rush basis. I was able to knock this out for them on a rush basis and it turned out nice!

Design-Tek has continually grown and developed since its founding in 2003, flourishing and excelling in a difficult economy when many businesses have not been so fortunate. Design-Tek has been able to continue with a pattern of triumph through strong dedication and excellent customer relations. From the beginning stages of design down to the finished product, the Design-Tek team ensures clients feel the value their product deserves. The success of your product is also our success and we do what it takes to reach this objective with you.

Project Highlights

  • 3 pannel print brochure design
  • Highlighting current services
  • Using existing company branding standards
Trifold mockup outside
Trifold mockup inside