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2×3″ Rectangle
Right click and save as or option click on mac.

Here is some basic info I send to anyone designing a button:

These templates are in Photoshop format. The line in the center is where the edges of the face of the button are and text can be safely displayed. There is also text that will show up tiny around the perimeters on this template – good place for a URL, hashtag, or secret message.

I can handle multiple designs per order, no problem. When you submit your artwork just simply let me know in the email.

Tutorial Video

Format Do’s:

  • Set file for 300 DPI in
  • Return as .Psd or Photoshop .PDF
  • Preserve Layer editing so I may remove the design lines.
  • Let me know if you need in another format.
  • Easy-to-read, simple designs are always best.
  • Make it fun, interesting, unique, memorable, etc.

Format Don’ts:

  • Low res artwork
  • Poor quality images
  • Difficult-to-read text

There are a few different styles I can do including the classic pin back buttons.
Check out design examples of recently made orders by clicking here.