7 tips to survive back to school season | https://nickpassey.com 7 tips to survive back to school season | https://nickpassey.com

Back to school tips from chips.

1. Don’t drink too much water.

Look, in every other aspect of your life for the rest of your life, staying hydrated is one of your primary focuses. In school it is however very different, the less water you drink the better.

2. #2 pencils.

None of these week-ass #3 #1 or #1.2 pencils, give me that clear uncut columbian #2 pencil.

3. Do not get involved with a gang.

School is an exciting time to learn who you are and how you fit in as a person. With all the Aryan Brotherhoods, and Neta’s you may feel like joining a gang is a necessity, but it’s not.

4. Bring an extra pair of underpants.

Its easy to pack with you and can prevent being labeled long term as “that kid”.

5. Bring a straw for the water fountain.

Just like you, other kids put their mouths on the fountain when taking a drink. This will help your mouth stay clean.

6. Line up some reading material.

Books are a great way to keep your mind sharp. Titles from for-profit agencies may help you in your studies. I mean you’re in school, so you might as well learn something while you’re there.

7. Do not get involved in gambling

This is a sure way to end up dead. Its a no win situation; you either cannot afford to pay your gambling bills or worse you win and make the wrong people very angry. Avoid gambling like the plague, people will do anything to get what you owe them.