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dill with it


Your choice! Select either a pinback button, magnet, or bottle opener.

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Ever want to tell someone to get over it without being rude? Well now you can. Carry a bunch of pins for when you’re on the go, bottle openers for when you’re enjoying a beer, and magnet for when you want to leave them a subtle hint at their house. Dill with it – you can’t be mad at pickles.

The Bottle Opener:

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1" Pinback Button, 1" Magnet, 1.5" Pinback Button, 1.5" Magnet, 2.25" Pinback Button, 2.25" Magnet, 2.25" Magnetic Bottle Opener, 3.5" Pinback Button, 3.5" Magnet, 3.5" Coaster, 2×3" Pinback Button, 2×3" Magnet